Crowe LF Ukraine specialists provide advice and assistance on a wide range of matters with close attention to the specifics and particular needs of the respective business

  • providing tax advice on any complex issues;
  • performing tax planning and business structuring with close attention to the specifics of the respective industry (pharmaceuticals, construction, IT, advertising, banking, agriculture, etc.)
  • providing supports for investments into and from Ukraine;
  • filing administrative appeals against decisions of fiscal authorities;
  • assessing tax risks and giving recommendations for their mitigation;
  • developing individual legitimate law schemes and optimal forms of a taxpayer’s relations with counterparties 
  • performing expert evaluation and adjustment of contracts and agreements from the standpoint of tax risks associated with currency regulation:
    • sale and purchase agreements, including international business contracts
    • lease and leasing agreements;
    • service contracts;
    • works contracts, including capital construction and warranty repair agreements;
    • licensing contracts;
    • loan agreements, etc.
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