Corporate Law, Contract Law, Employment Law

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Contract law

  • drafting commercial and civil law contracts;
  • issuing legal opinions on the existence of risks association with execution of contracts;
  • conducting negotiations to agree on the most favorable terms for the parties to a contract;
  • providing legal support for performance of contracts and other transactions, amending and terminating agreements.

Corporate law

  • developing the corporate structure of a group of companies;
  • registering all types of legal entities and supporting them all along the way. Setting up and registering branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine;
  • providing services to entities seeking to obtains permits and licenses to engage in business activities;
  • drafting business entities’ constituent documents and bylaws
  • providing advice and representation services during constituent meetings, keeping the minutes of the constituent meeting;
  • performing due diligence of companies
  • providing legal support for M&A transactions
  • organizing and implementing corporate rights sale and purchase transactions;
  • providing legal support in the context of reorganization and liquidation of companies;
  • providing judicial representation in the context of corporate disputes

Employment law

  • advising on the execution of employment contracts and agreements, performing legal analysis of their contents;
  • coordinating migration-related issues and formalizing employment of foreigners in accordance with the labor laws of Ukraine;
  • advising on the application of labor remuneration laws;
  • handling labor safety and protection issues;
  • providing mediation and support in the context of employment-related disputes;
  • ensuring correct dismissal of employees;
  • making necessary arrangements for recovery of damages from employees.